Btw what is Mobizon?

Published: June 26, 2019
What is Mobizon?

What is Mobizon and how can you use it to expand your customer base and increase your sales? The question will be examined as follows.

Mobi- what?

In short: Mobizon is an online marketing platform. This means for you: we offer various online tools that support you increasing your customer’s loyalty, your profit etc. With Mobizon, you can generate QR codes for marketing purposes, you can create online forms to collect customer data or to receive customer feedback. You can shorten confusing, long links with Mobizon and use them conveniently anywhere and additionally you can use our platform for SMS marketing. So if you want to stay in touch with your customers via SMS - no problem! Further, you can also easily store the collected data in our CRM.

Below you will find more information about our tools.

Online Forms - Personalized Marketing, GDPR-compliant

With easy-to-use online forms you can collect valuable information about your customers. Data and data transfer are highly sensitive topics that require a careful handling. We, at Mobizon are committed to this. With our forms you can collect customer data GDPR-compliant and once collected, use the data for marketing purposes.

Online Forms - Personalized Marketing, GDPR-compliant

You can customize the form fields, adapt the style to your cooperate design and adjust the settings.

Hardly anyone is happy about intrusive advertising mails or SMS. With Mobizon, you can request the information that you’ll need for your products or service. The customer gives his consent for the data transfer and verifies this by a two-factor authentication (2FA). Thus, you kill two birds with one stone: You collect GDPR-compliant data and the data is additionally verified.

Let your customers decide what information they want to share with you.

Now, that you know your customer better, you can start with personalized marketing, which of course has an added value for the customer, as he is not molested with topics that are not of interest to him.

SMS Marketing - Personal & Efficient

Speaking of personalized marketing, in the age of smartphones, SMS are a great way to stay in touch with your customers.

The dispatch of SMS is technically super easy, the click rate is very high, because the SMS don't end up in the spam folder as it is often the case with emails and you can also link landing pages in SMS (with the help of short URLs). It is possible to set up a sender ID so your company’s name appears the sender of the SMS.

SMS Marketing - Personal & Efficient

The limited number of characters (160 characters) forces you to limit your message to the most important facts and therefore, the customer only receives relevant content.

By means of the opt-in procedure (basically double consent), you ensure that your customers agree to be contacted by SMS.

As soon as you have received the consent of your customer, you can get started. Draft SMS texts individually or define automations. For example, for parcel deliveries, booking confirmations of appointments (hairdresser, doctor), etc.

On the other hand, you can of course also use the SMS dispatch internally. You could receive a SMS notification to get informed about a new registration on your website.

QR Codes- innovativ

QR-codes have been present in the marketing landscape for quite some time. They can be used in a variety of ways: on product packaging, business cards, public transport, restaurants, etc. By scanning QR Codes, customers can be routed to online raffles or company websites. Further, QR Codes can be used as navigation aids.

Easy QR code generator
Mobizon also allows you to guide your customers to a form via a QR Code, allowing you to collect customer data convenient and innovativ.

Short URLs- short and concise

Links can sometimes be super long and nested. Short URLs can help you to avoid losing your customers on their way to your website.

Shorten URLs Generator
Short links can also be integrated into a SMS and lead your customers to a form to collect data for example.

CRM- valuable database

Collected data about your customers, you can collect and manage in our CRM.

Mobizon CRM
Data from forms is automatically stored in the CRM and you can send SMS campaigns based on individual information (e.g. gender, interests etc.).


Did you get an impression yet?

Following a brief summary: We have developed 3 tools (QR Code, short URL, online forms) to facilitate data collection. We all know how important verified data is to communicate with customers and adapt to their needs. Since the introduction of the GDPR makes it difficult for companies to obtain data, we have developed our GDPR-compliant tools so that you can easily expand your customer base and collect qualitative data. You can use the data to send personalized SMS messages to your customers. Mobizon is therefore, an online marketing platform that collects customer data GDPR-compliant and sends personalized SMS.

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