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Shorten hart-to-read and too long URLs with Mobizon, to make your customer’s experience exceptional. Send the links via SMS or Email, track page visits and analyse user statistics.

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Why Mobizon’s URL shortener?


What is Mobizon? Mobizon offers easy-to-use products for your mobile marketing portfolio. With Mobizon you can create online forms, generate QR codes, shorten links and send SMS – everything cloudbased, without having to download a complicated software. Is Mobizon for free? Basic features are for free. In case you need some more features you can check out our pricing page for more information. Is my data secure with Mobizon? Yes, of course. We at Mobizon take data security very serious. This is why our servers are hosted in Germany and are subject to the German data protection law. What is a short URL? A short URL translates a long link into an abbreviated alternative, which directs the user to the longer URL. Does the short URL has an expiry date? The validation of your short URL depends on the plan you are using. Please have a look at our pricing page for further information. Is the short URL case sensitive? No, Mobizon’s short URL is not case sensitive. Can I create a QR code for my short URL? Yes, of course.

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    Copy/paste the existing link

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    Click on ‘create a shortlink’

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    Share the short URL

Research shows: the likelihood that users will click on a short URL is significantly higher.

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