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Easy QR code generator

QR Codes are recommended

You need a fast and reliable way to pass complex information to your target audience. This could be a link to a product page in an online shop, to video or audio content, or to a point on a map—among other things.

You are trying to automate your customer's routine action, such as sending a code via SMS to a certain number in order to participate in a promo or event, or entering a long password to connect to a WiFi network. QR Code enables instant access to any information.

Your goal is to wake the customer's interest and engage them in a marketing campaign. A well-placed QR Code can be a powerful advertising tool.

Setting up an advertising campaign using QR Codes

Why Mobizon QR codes?


What is Mobizon? Mobizon offers easy-to-use products for your mobile marketing portfolio. With Mobizon you can create online forms, generate QR codes, shorten links and send SMS – everything browserbased, without having to download a complicated software. Is Mobizon for free? Basic features are for free. In case you need some more features you can check out our pricing page for more information. Is my data secure with Mobizon? Yes, of course. We at Mobizon take data security very serious. This is why our servers are hosted in Germany and are subject to the German data protection law. What is a QR code QR codes are vital marketing tools. A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode (or matrix barcode). The barcode contains information and stores encoded data efficiently. Companies use QR codes for consumer advertising and to create a visual identity. Do you have other tools that I can use for free? Yes, of course. Why don’t you check out our form builder or our URL shortener?! For how long the QR code is valid? The QR code is as available as long as you need it.

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