Use Cases

On this page you may find some inspiration on how to use Mobizon’s tools for your business.

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❶ Collect

Automate collection of customer data according to GDPR.

❷ Save

Store and manage all your customer data in one place.

❸ Use

Send SMS to your customers, collect feedback and increase sales.

Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Customer Communication is crucial. It can lead to increased sales and repeat business. However, in order to be able to communicate with customers, verified data is needed.

Data security

Data security

So, we all know that we should collect as much customer data as possible, but rules and regulations complicate the project. Above all, the GDPR has made data collection more difficult.

Marketing & Customer Service

Marketing & Customer Service

To stand out from competition you should use creative, innovative and personalised marketing. Further, you should definitely offer the best customer service around. Just then, customers will remember you, choose you and return to you.

Mobizon tools you might use

Marketing Tools

QR Code, Short Link, SMS, Online Form, Contact book ➔ combine all of them for the REAL experience.

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