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Why is SMS marketing so effective?


Availability. SMS can be received on any mobile device regardless of the Internet connection.


Readability. The phone is always near at hand, users read SMS messages.


Interested. Customers want to receive promotional messages in exchange for a discount.


Average conversion of SMS. Statistically, it's twice as big as Email.

Deliver SMS messages around the world on a platform powered by more than 1000+ direct-to-carrier connections

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Why Choose Mobizon for Business Text Messaging?

Sender ID

Use the name of your company as the SMS sender ID, so your customers know immediately from whom the message originates.

Sender ID
Pre-Scheduled SMS

Pre-Scheduled SMS

Set up your SMS and send it at any time at a later date. This is possible for single SMS, as well as for entire SMS campaigns.


Use your customer’s personal information to send individual SMS messages to them. Use for example: name, birth date etc. or add a personal discount code.

Upload contacts

Upload contacts

You can not only add each phone number manually. It is also possible just to upload your contact files in Excel or CVS format. Further, you can also copy/paste any phone number and start sending.


Use our stoplist to ban phone numbers. No more messages will be sent to the numbers on the list.

Combination of Tools

Combination of Tools

You can use short links in SMS to navigate your customers to any website or for example online forms. Online forms can be customized and you can add videos and pictures that illustrate your brand image.

Automated SMS

With our API you are able to send automated SMS. A few examples:

  • Send your customers automated welcome SMS as soon as they register to your system.
  • Send your customers automated delivery SMS as soon as the package leaves the warehouse.
  • Send your customers automated appointment reminders when their appointment in your office gets closer.
Automated SMS
  • Direct Route

    Direct Route

    We only use direct routes to send your SMS

  • Global coverage


    We cover 190 countries worldwide

  • Fast delivery

    Fast delivery

    Up to
    1000 SMS/sec

  • Reports


    Receive delivery reports of your SMS

  • 2FA


    You can use SMS for a two factor authentication

  • Data security

    Data security,

    Mobizon’s servers are hosted in Germany. Using our products means being in line with the GDPR

  • Cloudbased


    Mobizon is a cloudbased service which allows you to send SMS at any time, wherever you are

  • No monthly fee

    No monthly fee
    for SMS

    In order to send SMS you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. You pay for what you’ve send. No hidden costs

  • Time-to-live SMS


    You can specify the period in which the SMS should be send. In case the time period is exceeded, the SMS will not be sent

  • Customer support

    Free customer

    You (the customer) are king! Therefore, we offer the best customer support for free of course!

Price Plans and SMS prices

Prices are listed in EUR for the current time and depend on your plan. All prices exclude 19% VAT.
Destination country: Germany, All mobile carriers.


0.069 per SMS

You are starting


0.068 per SMS

You are a smaller company or a start up with a clear mission


0.067 per SMS

You already have a big customer base


0.066 per SMS

You are an established brand


0.064 per SMS

You are an SMS provider

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