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With Mobizon’s SMS marketing product you can send promotions or discount codes to your customers, remind them on appointments and notify them about orders or news. Send automated SMS directly from your CRM.

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In cooperation with mobile carriers worldwide, Mobizon offers the highest quality SMS sending channels. Mobizon’s SMS gateway load monitoring service works 24/7.
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Integrate Mobizon’s SMS marketing platform through the API into your website, online shop or CRM. Use it as a helpful tool for a two-factor authentication, to notify about an order status or send out reminders.

Analytics tool

Get reports on each SMS campaign: receive SMS delivery reports (in percentage) and get to know who (which phone number) has opened for example short URLs from the sent SMS.

Data security

Make sure that your SMS are distributed with the highest data security standards. Mobizon’s servers are hosted in Germany. All data is transferred using a secure TLS 1.2 protocol. The highest level of information security is ensured by constant server monitoring, service and data redundancies, as well as protection against DoD and DDoS attacks.

Why Mobizon SMS marketing?


What is Mobizon? Mobizon offers easy-to-use products for your mobile marketing portfolio. With Mobizon you can create online forms, generate QR codes, shorten links and send SMS – everything cloudbased, without having to download a complicated software. Is Mobizon for free? Yes, basic features you can use for free. In case you need some more functions you can check out our pricing page for more information. Is my data secure with Mobizon? Yes, of course. We at Mobizon take data security very serious. This is why our servers are hosted in Germany and are subject to the German data protection law. Can I send bulk SMS with Mobizon? Yes, of course. You can set up individual SMS campaign to reach as many of your customers as needed. How do my customers now, who sent the SMS? You can set up an individual Sender ID, which means that your customers don’t see an anonymous phone number. They’ll see your company’s name as the sender.
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