Price list

The tariff plan for data collection is on the first table and the sms prices on the second. Additional features such as QR code and short links are included in all plans.

Tariff plans for data collection

Active forms The number of simultaneously active forms.
Submissions per month The limit of available form submissions per month. After the specified limit has been reached, the forms will stop collecting data until the quota is refreshed or the plan is upgraded.
Our branding on the form In the free plan we place our logo with link to our website at the bottom of your forms.

All prices exclude 19% VAT

Only for SMS marketing
SMS price
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30 days for free
€30/month €300/year
1 000
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€90/month €900/year
10 000
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€300/month €3,000/year
1 000
100 000
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€900/month €9,000/year
10 000
1 000 000
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In order to verify mobile numbers, you have to top up your balance in addition to the monthly tariff costs in order to be able to send the confirmation code via SMS. The SMS prices are on the second table.

SMS price

The price for an SMS depends on the tariff plan.
If you are only interested in sending SMS or via API, we recommend the free plan.

Prices are listed in EUR for the current time and depend on your plan. All prices exclude 19% VAT.
Messages cannot be sent to the selected country.
All mobile carriers

The SMS prices depend on your individual tarif plan.

For entry-level SMS marketing
For small and medium business
For true professionals
For large enterprises

All plans include these features

Contact Manager
Contact cards The number of contacts in the contact book is limited in the free plan.
Contacts import The ability to import a contact database from any source by downloading from a file in CSV or XLS format.
Contact segmentation filters Automatically put the contacts into desired groups based on your criteria.
Contact history Period of storage of history. For each contact, a history of all events is stored. For example, information about sent SMS or your notes on the client.
Contact groups The number of contact groups available to create is limited in the free plan.
SMS scheduling Schedule the time to send SMS allowing you to plan your campaigns in advance and focus on your other projects meanwhile.
Alfanumeric sender of the SMS* *Conditions vary depending on the country the SMS are sent to. More details
SMS text personalization The ability to place placeholders in the SMS campaign text and pass information from contact cards or external sources to create personalized SMS for every client.
Sending rate setup Ability to set the desired speed for sending SMS campaign to distribute the load to your call center during promotions.
Tracking clickthroughs from SMS The ability to track the phone numbers of recipients who clicked on your link, sent in a SMS.
Form designer An easy-to-use form designer that allows you to create forms with a few clicks.
Responsive forms layout Forms are responsive and looks great on the large PC screens as well as on small mobiles. They also adapt to the size of the container in case of embedding in other web pages.
The elements in the form The maximum number of elements that can be placed on the form, including various input fields, graphics and text elements.
Images and videos in forms Ability to add a logo, images and YouTube videos to the form.
Secure SSL forms Forms are available with the secure HTTPS protocol.
Nevertheless, we do not recommend accepting credit card data or any other data requiring a special secrecy through forms; third-party tools should be used for this.
Short links
Links per month The number of shortened links per month. This limit does not include the creation of personalized short links to track SMS recipients.
Maximum link lifetime The short link will be disabled after a specified time once it's created, regardless of the settings.
***We will try to store your short links as long as possible, but we do not guarantee their lifelong storage. We reserve the right to delete links to which there have been no clicks for 1 year or longer, as well as we are deleting links that have been inactive for more than 30 days.
Basic statistics Basic statistics include visits data grouped by time or country.
QR codes
Static QR Codes Static QR codes are codes that are not stored in our system. Therefore, their content cannot be changed at a later point, and no statistics are available for them.
Support Our technical support team are ready to help you with any questions regarding our service.
API Access to the API for all users.
5 years
Up to 50
10 000
3 years
E-mail, Online chat, Phone, Personal manager


How can I pay? You can pay by PayPal or invoice. What happens after the trial? You can test Mobizon’s Basic plan for 30 days for free. Once your trial period is over your account is automatically set to our free plan.
You can decide which plan is the most suitable for your needs or you can just continue using our free plan.
Are there any discounts available? Yes, for sure. For a one year subscription you'll only pay for 10 months of your individual plan. The remaining 2 months are for free.

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