SMS Marketing at Christmas

Published: December 15, 2021
SMS marketing at Christmas

With Mobizon, your products are guaranteed to be under the Christmas tree!

Ho-Ho-Ho! It's time again to make your loved ones' eyes sparkle this Christmas! Consumers are looking for the best gifts at the best prices. We recommend Mobizon's marketing platform to showcase your products and services to your existing customers and new audiences.

Our winning arguments for SMS marketing at Christmas and New Year's Eve:

  • 98 % Opening rate. The phone is always at hand, which means that your advertising will definitely not go unnoticed.

  • High availability. SMS messages can be received on any mobile device, regardless of the internet connection.

  • More effective than email marketing. Sending SMS is simple, fast and cheap, and at the same time its effectiveness is higher than that of sending e-mail or TV advertising.

  • Loyalty. Mobile marketing not only allows you to inform customers, but also to build trust with your audience. With the Mobizon service, you can send your customers personalised greetings that increase their loyalty to your brand.

3 steps to your first SMS campaign

  1. Register free at Mobizon.

  2. Import your customer phone numbers into your mobizon database.

  3. Write your message and click on "Send".

Within seconds, your target group will see and take advantage of your company's products and offers!

SMS marketing service

These advertising messages are guaranteed to work!

  • Only while stocks last!

    Limit your special offers in terms of the duration of the discount, the number of goods available, the number of discounts, etc.

    Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of a family holiday! 1 week at the amusement park with the whole family only 1.200 €. Offer valid until 31 December!
  • The shopping experience doesn't end at the checkout!

    Offer your customers similar products after their purchase. Or offer the customer the possibility to contact you in case of queries. The good service will come to the customer's mind during the next purchase.

    Hello Lisa, thank you for your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact us at any time +49 69 8700 5000 These products might also interest you
  • Only you have “the one solution!”

    Your product or service is the perfect solution or brings relaxation during the holidays.

    Don't want to cook on 31 December? Have delicious festive dishes delivered to your door. Order now at 15% discount for more than five dishes.

Collect customer contacts with Mobizon

With Mobizon's online forms, you can collect valuable customer data such as cell phone numbers, email addresses, etc. from recipients in a GDPR-compliant manner. Personal details are automatically confirmed via two-factor authentication. More tips & ideas for using online forms can be found here.