Digital guestbook: Collect guest data contactless & GDPR-compliant

Published: May 25, 2020
Collect guest data contactless & GDPR-compliant

The Covid 19 crisis is constantly confronting us with new challenges. In almost all federal states of Germany, restaurants can open their doors again, subject to special safety and hygiene standards. This pleases us as a private person, but of course also the gastronomes.

How to collect guest data with Mobizon

Create an online form in less than 3 minutes and save e.g. name, phone number and date of the restaurant visit of your guests - so you keep track and comply with the new guidelines.

Generate a QR code

Generate a QR code that navigates your guests to the online form.

small QR Code banner on the table

Place the QR Code in your restaurant, put small QR Code banners on the tables and ask your guests to scan the QR Code and leave their contact details -> Guest data is collected in accordance with data protection laws.

send an SMS

If you need to get in touch with your guests, you now have their mobile phone numbers and names stored and can send an SMS with further information.

Further ideas for the use of Mobizon for the gastronomy sector

  1. With an additional QR code you can, for example, forward your guests to your menu - thus physical contact with displayed menus is no longer necessary.
  2. Send an SMS to your guests in case a guest has tested positive for Covid-19.
  3. Collect relevant data about your guests (e.g. preferences) or have your service rated.
  4. Show your guests appreciation and send them e.g. a birthday text, a personalized SMS.
  5. Use SMS for marketing purposes.

Collect guest data with Mobizon

  • Digital guestbook
  • Contact-less
  • GDPR-conform
  • Easy
  • Innovative
  • Fast
  • Sustainable
  • Obligation to document
  • No unnecessary paperwork
  • Focus on the service – not the paperwork
  • Guest communication via SMS

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