Food Retailer: Milk supplier

Set up a cool marketing campaign and increase your sales with Mobizon.

Marketing & Customer Service

1 Set up a cool marketing campaign that none of your competitors has!

Add a raffle to your milk bottle packaging, make sure it catches the supermarket’s customers attention. Customer strolling through the supermarket, looking for milk, are more likely to buy your milk bottle, when they see an attractive price on it. Make them curious.

2 Customers scan the QR Code on the bought bottle

In order to take part in the raffle and to win the trip to Lisbon, the customer has to scan the QR code with his smartphone.

A bottle of milk with a QR code

3 Collect Customer data in an online form

Customers are navigated from the QR code to a customized online form. You can collect the customer data you need (e.g. mail address, mobile phone number, interests etc.). Verified data is guaranteed by a SMS with verification code.

4 You draw a lucky winner

From all the submissions, you draw the winner and sweeten his day.

Customer data collecting, 2FA

To do:

  • Set up a cool marketing campaign.
  • Create an online form to collect customers data.
  • Create a QR code to place it on the packaging.
  • Invest in a different packaging.
  • Use your products to communicate the raffle to customers, and soon to be customers.
  • Collect verified customers data.
  • Draw the winner.
  • Use the collected customer base in the next marketing campaigns.
  • Increase your sales.


  • Immediate increased sales of milk bottles since customers want to take part in the raffle and buy them in the supermarket.
  • Innovative Marketing.
  • Increased customer loyalty.
  • Verified, relevant customer data.
  • GDPR-compliant.
  • At least one super happy customer because he/she wins a great trip and will probably keep buying your milk for lifetime.
  • Increased brand visibility & growing customer base with verified data that you can use for marketing purposes and an excellent customer communication.

Increased Revenue

Increased customer base

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